sabato 20 marzo 2010

20/03/10 Update

A little update about my works.

I'm finishing, Issue #2 of Yi Soon Shin, it's coming very well, if you liked Issue #1 you'll love this.

I can say that is a little bit different, the first one was an intro of the characters, the age, the scenario etc.
We have shown Yi's head and muscles, this time it will be more closer and personal, we'll show also his heart.

Wait' i'm not saying that there will be no action, the contrary, you'll see Yi kicking ass as you cannot imagine.

But the book will be more "dark", you'll see...

As always Adriana is making a great job colouring it.

Some various link about it:

Pads and Panels review

Pads and Panels interview and preview of issue 2

Comic Book Jones! review (scroll down a little bit to find it)

Comickal review (scroll down a little bit to find it)

Hanopolis article about the series


I have also start to work on the second story of The Flying Dutchman that will appear in issue #2 of The Airfighters.

Also this work will be different from the first one, it is not just an adventure of FD but also a true story from Joe Gentile's family.

That's why i think it will be better than the first one.


As always Survival is going forward, don't miss its beweekly update (even if we have jumped one date because of our others works...)


Dead corpses is on hold, because of all the projects above, i hope to turn back to work on it soon.

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