lunedì 26 aprile 2010

26/04/10 UPDATE

Yi Soon Shin issue #2 is behind us and i'm very proud of it
It was a sold out at the C2E2, follow this link for a special thanks by his creator/writer Onrie Kompan.

Dead Corpses is the present, i'm going forward with this project, now i'm at page 60 of 72, i hope to finish it before the summer.
A little preview of the last page that i have done:

About DC you have to know that now it has a personal Facebook fan page, you can find it here:

There you'll find news, update (more than here) art and also contest to win free copies of the book.

About Moonstone Books don't forget to buy Captain Action Special #1, with my Khem's story inside it wrote by Joe Gentile.

I'm just now finishing the second story of The Flying Dutchman inside Airfighters issue #2 soon on the shelves.

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