giovedì 8 luglio 2010

08/07/10 UPDATE

Dead Corpses
I'm working in this days on the cover of my personal project, before i have done the interior of the cover (the credit page), and the back cover.
With Nicolas Wilson, my co-writer, we are finishing to work on the final pages' dialogue and lettering, once done i'll start to search for a publisher.

Below there is some previews takes from the Facebook Fan Page of Dead corpses, that you can find it here:

Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender
About our Korean here with Onrie Kompan and David Anthony Kraft we are working on various promotional images, from characters bios (that will appear on the official website, to the cover of the upcoming OGN, soon we'll begin issue #3.

Michael D. Hamersky's review of issue #2

Ian Jackson's review of issue #2

This is a 3 part interview of Arirang TV with Onrie Kompan about Yi Soon Shin book:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And then this is a talk with Comic Book Man at Alternate Reality Inc.

Moonstone Books:

Just finished in this days the second story of The Flying Dutchman that will appear on issue #2 of The Airfighters anthology.

Don't forget that The Phantom Generations #11 draw by me and written by Tony Bedard is still on the shelves.
News about new Moonstone books soon!

The action/horror webcomic continues with a page every two week, don't miss it!
Survival Webcomic homepage

Immaterial Material Culture
This is a new entry, even if i'm working on the final pages.
It's a 12 pages webcomic written by Marc Kleinhenz.
It is not our first project together, we have already give life to a 24 pages OGN published by Alterna Comics, "Refrains of Light, Twilight".

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