mercoledì 21 luglio 2010

Dead Corpses: "Making of" the cover

I have decided to do a "making of" the cover of my personal project Dead Corpses:

Step 1: the perspective.
Before to draw the sketch itself i was doubtful about the perspective to use in it.
So i have done this 2 tries.
(the one on the right have won)

step 2, the sketch:
After decided which perspective was the better i have done the sketch itself.
The 2 characters rounded by armed people, a simple idea that suit perfectly with the soul of the book.

step 3, the pencils:

step 4, the inks:

step 5, the colours:
I have tried to not use shining colours, considering that the book is in grey tones i have not wanted to go too much far from that atmosphere.
I hope you'll like it.

step 6, title, credits etc.:
There is no publisher logo, price etc. 'cause my project desn't have them yet.
I hope you'll like my Dead Corpses logo.

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