mercoledì 29 dicembre 2010

Khem and Eleonora Carlini

In January will be published the Captain Action Winter Special, drawn by me an Eduardo Barreto.
My story is another solo tale of Kehm, Action Boy's partner.
This is my second story about her (you can find the first on Captan Action Special #1), wrote again by Joe Gentile.
What made this story more special is the fact that it is coloured by Eleonora Carlini, and Italian artist (she is not just a colorist) which i found with the help of David Messina.

Once finished this story we'll work again on a 30 pages Moonstone Books one-shot, and i hope this will be just the beginning of our collaboration.
I say so because obviously she is very good in her work...

This is a preview of that story, don't miss the book!

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