venerdì 4 marzo 2011

G.I.Joe Infestation issue #1 is out

The first issue of the G.I.Joe: Infestation miniseries is out.

After reading the first reviews and some thoughts on the IDW forum it seems that people have really appreciated it.
I can understand the doubts of the Joes fans about seeing involving their heroes on a zombie crossover, but i was pretty sure that the way Mike Raicht found to tell a horror story in the universe of our soldiers would have worked, and i'm happy to hear that for a lot of people this is even the best Joes book of the last times.

This is page 1 B/W from a 5 pages preview of the book that you can find here.

This is another preview from Chris Ryall (IDW Editor-inchief) blog

This is a collection of very good reviews of the book:


And for last a interview of Mike Raicht , the writer, about the two G.I.Joe: Infestation books done with the CBR guys.

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