sabato 28 maggio 2011

28/05/11 UPDATE

An update with some random news about my current works:

Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender issue #4, conclusion of the first arc of the trilogy.
Working on page 20 right now, it will be a double sized issue, so we are near the half.
This will be the cover of the book:

By the way, some new reviews of the previous issues of Yi Soon Shin:

Mike Hamersky review of issue #3

Gaper's Block review of issue #1

Gordon Dymowski review of issue #3

And that's all about our Korean hero.

G.I.Joe Infestation issue #1 and #2, was a success, it will be reprinted in a TPB in July, take a look here.
Two pages previews about it

Dead Corpses, my personal project, it's completed from a while but there are some little fixes to do.
I have penciled and inked a new cover, but this time it will be colored not by me but by Adriana De Los Santos, the amazing colorist of Yi Soon Shin (who else?).
I'm also working on a new title.
About the publisher maybe i have found it, but it's too soon, first let's finish this last things.

Survival webcomic, we are arrived at page 89, and the dead count is increasing.
This is the last page

You can find it here with its monthly update.

I'm also working on a couple of new projects still top secret, stay tuned for more news.

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