venerdì 1 luglio 2011


From Onrie Kompan's blog:

"Hey Comic Fans,

Here's hoping that this post finds you all enjoying the summer season and gearing up for the San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks!

July is finally here which means you can now order YI SOON SHIN: WARRIOR AND DEFENDER #2 through the latest issue of PREVIEWS (#274).

Here is the cover for this month's catalogue;

This time the ad for Issue #2 is on Page 308.

Here is what the ad itself says;

Issue #2's order number is JUL111205. And if you didn't order Issue #1 from the May catalogue, have no fear because you can still order it by giving your local retailer this order number: MAY111154.

If you would like to check out a sneak peak of Issue #2, please feel free to click on the following link for a 5-page preview;

Don't miss out on the international hit series that is now available wherever comic books are sold and features some of the hottest art found in comics today!

Issue #3 will be available in the September issue of PREVIEWS followed by Issue #4 in the November!

Stay tuned for more updates! We've got a lot of awesome stuff coming your way!

And if you make it to San Diego this year, be sure to stop by and say hello. I'll be hanging out with the crew from Southern California Comics with an all new teaser trailer for Issue #4 to show off!

Best Regards,

Onrie Kompan"

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