venerdì 8 giugno 2012

08/06/12 UPDATE

Pretty busy in the last times, I’ll try to do a unique update with most of news:

This month will be out two books with my art inside.
One will be Discovery Megalodon & Prehistoric Sharks published by Zenescope/Discovery Channel.
It will be a big book telling about the biggest and ferocious sharks of the prehistoric era.

There will be 10 double splash pages drew by me showing the big image of the shark, then there will be a short story talking about it drew by other artist.
Down below a preview of one of that sharks, the Hybodus.
(click to enlarge it)

The other, which is already on  the shelves, is the TPB of  Grimm Fairy Tales: The Library 5 issues miniseries, drew by me and written by Joe Brusha.
If you have missed the single issues don’t miss this trade paperback.

Right now I’m working always for a documentary channel (not Discovery as for the sharks) about a book that will be announced at the next San Diego Comic-con (by the way, I’ll be there).
It’s an amazing work and I can’t wait to see it published.

With Brandon Jerwa and Eric Trautmann we found a colorist for our creator-owned project, we are going to make him color some pages for the pitch, and then we’ll search a publisher.
By the way don’t miss their last book, Shooters from Vertigo.

Talking again about the next SDCC, as said I’ll be there for all the 4 days, promoting also Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender TPB with its writer/creator Onrie Kompan.
Search us for the books, signs, and sketches!
In the meantime we are at the early stages of the next arc of our Korean hero, maybe there will be some previews about it at the SDCC.

I’m working also on some other projects but still top secret, so stay tuned!

6 commenti:

MMS ha detto...

Bellissimo il disegno dell'Hybodus!!! *_*
Quali storie di Grimm Fairy Tales hai disegnato? Solo Library? Vorrei conoscere questa serie partendo dai tuoi lavori! ;)

Gio ha detto...

La miniserie che ho disegnato io (GFT: The Library) per certi versi non è il modo migliore per iniziarsi alla Zenescope perchè è slegata dal suo universo.

Solitamente la casa editrice punta molto su ragazze svestite e tanto horror nella sua revisione delle fiabe dei Grimm.

La serie che ho disegnato io è un po più "all ages", un tentativo di allargare il pubblico ai più piccoli.

Quindi ti consiglio di partire da quella principale che è semplicemente "Grimm Fairy Tales".

MMS ha detto...

Quindi, dal primo volume. Ho letto che sono più di 12 volumi in corso, giusto?

Gio ha detto...

Come trade paperback non so quanti sono, ma come singoli numeri credo siano intorno al 70...

MMS ha detto...

Cercherò d'iniziare.
Grazie mille. :D

alain ha detto...

Very nice drawing and project, though, you should take care of not ripping off others work (like mine for example, please see the link for evidence : I think you're sufficiently skilled and talented to avoid copying others work or composition. What's your point about that ?