sabato 1 settembre 2012

01/09/12 UPDATE

My usual update about the various works i’m doing in the last times:

Out now there is Hellraiser #17 from Boom! Studios drew even by me.
This book should be just a start, there could be even more in the future, of Hellraiser and of other Boom! Studios stuff.
This is the cover of the book (well, one of them) by Tim Bradstreet:

On the shelves there should be even Megalodon & Prehistoric Sharks from Discovery channel, a huge book about sharks, obviously, but prehistoric sharks!
This is a little preview of it:

I’m at half of the second story for the MANKIND book from History Channel.
The MANKIND project is a series of graphic novel with several stories created by various team, the number 0 was out at the San Diego Comic Con 2012 with my first story inside it (down below a pic of me signing it in San Diego).

The stories are from authors like Marv Wolfman, Neo Edmund, Bill Senkiewicz, Neal Adams, etc.
This second story that I’m drawing is written by Neo Edmund and it will be out in November, inside the first volume.

Golem, the 4 issue miniseries, written by Hilary Goldstein from IGN was a success on, now I’m finishing to drew the first issue, it should be out in November and we are trying to have the TPB ready for the next spring.

Soon I’ll start to drew the second arc of  Yi SoonShin, issue #5 is really near to be started.
In the meantime we are working on various cover and promotional images.
The first arc was a great success at the SDCC, I’m sure this second will be even more…

Frost, the 4 issue miniseries written by Brandon Jerwa (Vampirella, Battlestar Galactica) and Eric Trautmann (Red Sonja, The Shield) is at the lettering stage (Simon Bowland from Dynamite), there are some progress about the publisher, stay tuned for more news…

The San Diego Comic Con had brings even a lot of other HUGE things, but it’s too soon to tell them, there will be the right time!

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