giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Frost #1 arrives on 10 April 2013

From Eric Trautmann's blog:

"Frost: Rogue State #1 arrives on April 10th, 2013. Frost is a digital-first comic, and can only be acquired via the ComiXology platform. 
Written by: Eric Trautmann & Brandon Jerwa
Art by: Giovanni Timpano
Colors by: Andrea Celestini
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Published via ComiXology by Monkeybrain Comics
There are lies. There are secrets. And then, there's FROST. A rescue operation to recover an American asset from the heart of an Afghani warlord's stronghold turns into a deadly struggle for survival...and there's nowhere else Frost would rather be...

Monkeybrain Comics | 21 pages | Color | 15+ | Military Action/Thriller | $.99 US
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sabato 9 marzo 2013

(what is) FROST

In the thread before i was saying that my collaboration with Chris Roberson was not only about his writing, and my art, on The Shadow series from Dynamite.
Mr. Roberson is also the publisher, with his MonkeyBrain Comics, of FROST, my new creator-owned project.

First a brief synopsis:

"Meet FROST. His name is spoken in whispers from deep within the American intelligence community--a cypher, a walking secret, and the ultimate weapon against global terror. In the far-flung fields of battle against America's enemies--a world where those who would protect us from harm must often trade in violence, deception and betrayal--there are those who strike a deadly balance between order and chaos. In this struggle, information and secrecy are as lethal as the gun, and where the ultimate practitioners of the military arts engage the enemy in the shadows..."

FROST is written by Brandon Jerwa (Vampirella, Battlestar Galactica) and Eric Trautmann (Red Sonja, Flash Gordon, The Shield), and drawn by me, it's a Military/Espionage Action Thriller series, 6 books plus a issue #0.

This last one, the #0 is already on ComiXology, and it's FREE (but not forever, so go and download it ASAP)

FROST #0 digital copy on ComiXology

This is the cover of issue #0 (click on it to enlarge)

It's obviously a great book, but if you don't believe me, then believe on this first review:

FROST #0 reviewed by The Lottery Party

FROST has even it's Facebook page, where you'll be able to follow the production process, press releases, interviews, art, etc. so "like" it!

FROST facebook page

That's all, well, not all, there is a lot more to talk about, the rest of the team, the series itself, some preview art, but there will be a time for everything, in the meantime enjoy FROST #0 FREE on ComiXology!

sabato 2 marzo 2013

The Shadow

Good news, with the number twelve of The Shadow series, from Dynamite, I’ll be its regular artist for (I hope) a while.
Issue #12, written by Victor Gischler, will be out in March

Issue #13 will be out in April and will start Chris Roberson run.

There is more involved with Mr. Roberson, about another character with another publisher, I’ll post this news later…