giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

"The making of" Justice Inc. #5

The sixth and last issue of Justice Inc, is already out, this little great adventure is finished but i'd like to continue to show you what there is behind it.

The funny thing is that these are the last penciled pages that i can show, and this is the reason:
Once started issue #6, which was a 32 pages book, trying to be more fast because of the deadlines and of the extra-long book, i've decided with the editor to ink these pages immediately after the pencils, without showing them penciled.
That's why  i never made a digital copy of the penciled pages of issue #6.

So, enjoy them because i think there will be not a "Making of" issue #6.

Let's start with my usual collection of work in progress that i daily post on my Facebook account:

Now, some pencils to inks pages:

And at the end page 21, sketch/ink:

I hope you liked them!

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